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Engage people, groups, and organizations to easily find, share, and team up on content from anyplace and on any gadget.

DMS is one of the smart & innovative system which helps in normalizing document storing and sharing processes. Our Electronic Content Management Solution handles processes like Business Plans, Product descriptions; Client related information, project documents, MIS Reports, proposal documents, Quotes, orders, Sales contracts, employee information, policies, procedures, guides, Manuals, help documents, reports, MIS reports and much more.

Enterprise documents are produced daily and they continue to increase day by day. This increase brings common issues like losing documents, insecurity, stealing documents, unmanageable files, outdated data or expired data, the use of a nonstandard system, the use of old versions, ineffective document formats and storage problems, duplicate documents, repetition of same documents etc.

We provide 100% web based Document Management Solution which is completely scalable for managing and publishing all your documents electronically. Online Document Management Software allows you to quickly, effectively and safely manage files or documents of any kind.

With Online DMS we can share documents securely, can track their edits, status, reviews, and comments. Fast and Advanced Searching of documents with a single keyword, Edit tracking with audit trail and version log and Authorization for editing, releasing, sharing etc., creates your document management standardized and easy.

Get our DMS and ensure document security which avoids download of files, replicating of reports and disable even screenshot functionality with settings. Document Management System can arrange order and list all the transferred documents for a quicker view and search. With our document control services you can lessen support, labor and cost while enhancing the better presentation and reaction time.

Electronic Document Control Software manages all kinds of files and documents like Images, Drawings, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Text, PDF, Audio files, Video files, etc. DMS provides automatic transferring of documents through the network protocol. Clients can transfer different documents, drag and drop records, or even send records and distribute them with permission and control rights. Marking certain documents as favorite documents will help the users to recognize their folders for quicker access Share functionality assists in sharing documents with other different users. Notifications and alerts keep users get updated alerts and notifications for new documents and the changes done on old documents.

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Drown beneath a huge mass of documents?

Whether your firm is hoping to go paperless, oversee digital content or automated report driven procedures, our DMS is the correct Document Management System for your requirements.
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