Financial Management Software Dubai

Finance Management Software (FMS)

FMS is an accurate and fast decision-making management toolbox for your Financial Management. Financial Management Services allows you to establish your business by supporting effective business internationally and nationally.

Make a difference - Exploit your time, facility and people. Simply handles your projects, finance, consolidation, budgeting, planning, procurement, reporting, analytics, etc under one system. Unnecessary administrative work can be eliminated by integrating all your company’s financial accounting processes with our Online Financial Management Tools.

Financial Management System processes your daily transactions and provides you the complete data you need. And you can easily take control over cash flow, payables, and receivables. Thus improving income and maintain a real-time financial and accounting insight. With the continuous financial monitoring, you can react to enterprise cycles.

Heart of the software is the General Ledger which provides the processing and analysis of accounting data collected from all the available modules and plug-ins. With the report builder feature, you can customize different reports as per your needs. Our Comprehensive Accounting Management Software provides useful financial accounting reports with relevant key figures. You can also make different kinds of statements with respect to various banks, departments, locations, roles etc.

A real-time 360 view of your business with high performance and effective financial management

Improve income

Process everyday financial transactions

Process accounting data from all integrated modules

Analyze financial data from all available modules

Multi- company/ department financial statements merging

Generates customized cash flow statements, financial statements, and balance sheets

Highlights of Finance Accounting Management Software

Make key choices in view of precise current financial information
  • All of your financial managers can manage in a single platform - from intelligent balance, budget plan and income to control and review information
  • Direct knowledge in your financial circumstance through budgetary dashboards and reports
  • View from large scale to the pertinent individual exchanges
Make your business forms more productive
  • Prevent mistakes: Work with one central data source which controls all business processes with no double data
  • Improve your business processes and have a joint effort between different divisions
  • Save costs by time management and less number of labors
Respond in time with programmed alerts
  • SMS or e-mail alerts help you to quick respond against issues
  • Time consumptions with automatic monitoring and pointing key processes for trading management
  • Additional alerts can be created according to user needs
View all your fundamental administration data under one roof
  • Take vital and operational choices in view of the correct data
  • View your association's key figures in one platform
  • React immediately
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Analyze deviations in aggregate to exchange level
Provide worldwide support
  • Work successfully together with ideal reconciliation and backups
  • Do business easily with remote clients and providers
  • Profit from support for various currency and savings
  • Operate and support globally
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Secure server
  • Includes add-ons and customized options

Inspect our financial management system

Budget Examination and planning
  • Strategy advancement and interpretation
  • Budget planning, and determining
  • Profit analysis and cost administration
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
Bookkeeping and Budgetary Close
  • Process of bookkeeping
  • Operation close
  • Corporate close
  • Reporting
  • Revelation
  • Governing Financial close
Revenue and Risk management
  • Remittance and bank transactions
  • Money management
  • Managing liquidity
  • Debt and funding management
  • Financial hazard management
  • Raw material management
Financial actions
  • Manages Receivables
  • Manages Invoice
  • Managing tours and travel
  • Real estate management
  • Financial services
Operation risk and Consent management
  • Venture risk handling
  • Controls and acceptance management
  • International exchange management
  • Security handling
  • Audit management
Other features
  • Chart of Accounts / Cost centers
  • Payable Invoice, Payments
  • Payment Statement, Payment Voucher
  • Payables Statement, Credit terms
  • Sales Invoice
  • Receivable statement, Ageing report & Receipts
  • Credit Notes
  • Journal Entries
  • Petty cash
  • Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, Trial balance
  • Cost center wise report
  • Daily report (cash/bank receipts/payments balances)
  • Customer / Vendor SOA