Fleet Management Software Solution Dubai

Fleet Management Software

Track, analyze and improve your fleet operations - Everything you need to manage your fleet, whether you have 10 or 10,000 vehicles

Having trouble in tracking your vehicles maintenance, service and equipment records? Here is the Fleet Management Software which allows you to analyze the vehicles fuel records, services and odometer history wherever you are. Fleet Management software is a web based software which allows unlimited users. It is easy to view vehicle fuel entries records, services entries and everything relevant to the vehicle.

Major Features
  • In depth vehicle data: Store all data right from purchase information, vehicle maintenance, mileage, insurance and registration renewals, service details, fuel records.
  • Maintenance Log: Enter service records from anywhere, upload documents and photos, schedule maintenance and track renewals.
  • Fuel Tracking: Enter fuel records for each vehicle and quickly analyze vehicle performance and track expenses.
  • Email alerts: Schedule service activities and ensure they are always on track with email reminders.
  • Stay Connected: Access Fleet Management system from any Internet connected device and stay connected to your business always.