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Medismart Hospital Management Software is an advanced, fully integrated Hospital Management System, having a full collection of tools for hospital tasks, polyclinic/clinical management and patient management. It is specially designed for end to end Healthcare segment like Polyclinics, Diagnostic Centers, Nursing Homes, Pathology Labs, Healthcare Professionals, General Practitioners (GP), Specialist/Consultants like General Medicine & Surgery, Obstetrician/ Gynecologist (OB/GYN), Orthopedics, etc.

Medismart Hospital management and Information System caters rich integration within the front-office and back-office management modules, giving doctors and administrators access to data inside and across other departments.

Medismart HIMS Solutions has been designed as a far reaching hospital solution which offers complete information integration out of the case. Giving principles based incorporation focuses to Patient management systems, Radiology information system, Pharmacy & Laboratory management systems, Communication systems, Electronic medical records etc.

Medismart - Benefits

  • Improves Efficiency of the Hospital
  • Quick Reports to the Management
  • Speedy Service
  • Better Accuracy
  • Paper Less Record
  • Easy and quick access
  • Better Coordination
  • Patient satisfaction
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Medismart - Highlights at a Glance

An all-in-one- HIMS solution to reduce your Hospital Management cycle
  • Ease - Quick and simple installation procedure
  • Tracking - User audit trail and change log
  • Statistics - Business analytics through hospital ERP dashboard
  • Data Synchronization - From various hospitals and clinics
  • Highly Secure - Bullet proof user control over hospital information access
  • Intuitive Reporting - Drill down analysis and export to popular formats
  • SMS Alerts - Critical event alerts and information through your mobile phone
  • Template Driven - Flexible information architecture to suite any hospital needs
  • No Data Loss - Automatic backup and proactive recovery
  • Integrable - Laptop, Tab & Mobile integration for information on the move
  • External Interfacing - Laboratory auto-analyzer and PACS server integration
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Meet your changing needs...

Our Medismart Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) is flexible allowing multiple business scenarios in all modules to support the most optimal business workflows for your healthcare organization. Also available as Stand-alone departmental solution or module. Get in touch with us. Drop a mail or drop a mail. Schedule a meeting or Medismart Hospital management software demo.
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