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Inventory management is an imperative part of any effective business. It is the way toward directing and controlling the flow of stock units a business utilizes as a part of the creation or manufacturing of goods available to be purchased or distribution. Inventories are normally comprised of a blend of goods, raw materials, and completed items, and powerful management of these things is basic to guarantee ideal stock levels and to boost the winning capability of the organization.

It additionally permits a business to check or relieve any stock related reduction. Stock Management Software is utilized by organizations for different reasons: it can track the expenses of stock all through the manufacture and deals process, advice organizations when to renew stock and permit them to track benefits. It can be utilized to figure stock levels and costs, and also expected demand of items.

Inventory Management Solution is a valuable asset to a business; there is a direct connection between inventory levels and business profits.

Inventory represents an investment that is tied up until either the item is sold, or it is used in the production of another item that is sold. Businesses are reliant on having items in stock; otherwise customers will simply go to a competitor who can provide what they want.

However, holding inventory in stock is not without costs – storage, insurance and maintenance all must be considered. When it comes to replenishing stock levels, most management plans seek to strike a balance between having enough units when required, and ensuring supplies are not overstocked. This is why having an inventory management system can be advantageous.

An inventory management system monitors all aspects of a company’s inventory as items move through the production and sales process. The process involves tracking customer orders, shipping, costs, stock and sales. Whether or not a business has some form of inventory software in place, there are some critical elements every system needs in order to function efficiently.

This includes well-organized location names, easy to read and unambiguous location labels, unique item numbers, units of measure, a good starting count, good policies and – most importantly – people who know and can follow those policies.

On top of all these things, a software system that tracks all inventory activity can be used, as keeping track of inventory data by hand or in a spreadsheet often doesn’t cut it. Good inventory management software can make it easier to track stock and provide different people with access to the data, as well as offer a detailed insight into the inventory activity of a business. It also provides an accurate historical record of inventory movements and sales.

All of the factors mentioned above will help businesses to keep costs in check, allowing them to maintain a suitable amount of stock, set targets and monitor profits efficiently. As inventory is one of the most important assets a business has in its arsenal, an adequate inventory management system will help a business to track those assets and control them accordingly.

  • Shows stock levels for all your items
  • Continuous Tracking of inventory items
  • Synchronization of inventory to all sales channels
  • Manages multiple stock points and locations
  • Send Purchase Orders from any of your stores to any of your suppliers
  • Stocking centers and shipping centers managing
  • Multiple orders picking, packing and shipping
  • Transfer between stock points and locations
  • Assembling items into packs
  • Import and export files
  • Price and inventory setup masters
  • Print labels
  • Break down metrics
  • Stock Management & tracking
  • Delivery Note
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Installation Notes
  • Item Master driven transactions
  • Warehouse Management
  • Batch wise management of stock
  • Stock Reconciliation
  • Packing Slip
  • Quality Inspection
  • Item Attributes and Variants
  • Item Price Management
  • Stock updations with real-time counting, returns, adjustments and transfers
  • Receive and return stock easily
  • Multi-Platform
  • Global Accessibility
  • Real-time tracking of Inventory
  • Quick barcode scanning
  • Economic purchase and sales
  • Informative dashboards
  • Order Templates
  • Invoice Templates
  • Stock Check-In & Out
  • Track Low level Stocks
  • Reorder quickly
  • Enabled automatic reorder
  • Manage various inventory quantities
  • Easy Purchase return and Purchase replacements
  • Multiple Company, Departments and Locations
  • Easy Integration
  • Stock Transfers
  • Stock Adjustments
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