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School ERP - Introduction

School ERP is an essential pivotal tool for every educational Institution. In this fast growing scenario, the future successes of schools are highly dependent on their activities and also on the newest technology used by the Schools. Every school needs to make its footprints robust in the educational sector. School ERP software is one of the best solutions to differentiate an existing school to systematically manageable school.

What is School ERP?

ERP is complete administration management software that deals with organization/institution, infrastructure & logistic system of an educational institution whether it is a School, College, University or training institute. ERP permits clients to store the greater part of their data electronically, including data of students, faculty, administrator staff, and so on. In particular, this data can be effectively imparted with authorized users and records can be effortlessly searched. Reports relating to the records can be easily generated. One can get to the data at anytime from anyplace.

Our offers at a glance

Admission Management

Make your admission process more quick and productive by taking it on the web. Characterize a custom enlistment process with online endorsement and online-payments/transactions.

Batch/ Course Management

Multiple courses and batches can be handled on a single dashboard

Examination Management

Are you frustrated handling bundles of examination sheets?
We create online examinations and online test facilities which covers planning, execution, and grading process.


Generating time table manually is a boring job. School ERP allows generating, marinating and monitoring timetables with speed and ease. The subjects of specific class can be specifically dispensed on week after week logbook. The application permits to create time-table for ongoing semesters and prospective semesters.

Events & Calendar

We can have quick access to the events & calendar for creating, managing and tracking the upcoming events.

Internal Messaging

Compose, read and forward the messages to different users effortlessly and quick, thus improving Teacher-Student-Parent interconnections.

Student Information

Get anytime access to student particulars, their courses, attendance, fees, fee installments, marks, Student’s information, disciplinary records, and other reports.

Alert Module

This module enables management and teachers to send email, SMS, voice mail etc to students, parents or to user specified groups.

Academic Year Management

Manages student’s details and records academic wise which helps in future reference.

Human Resources Management

Create and manage various staff details and stored in a centralized area.


A flexible Fee management system to generate, monitor and control paid and due fees.


Create and view staff and student attendance records. Get details of available holidays/leaves.


Manage and audit a variety of reports and have them ready for a quick review at anytime.

Custom Modules

Creates user specified unique modules.

Activity Logging Module

All user activities are tracked as a footprint with date and time.


User gets a simple file transfer interface to upload or download files to/from the application server.

School ERP - A complete solution for all your school administration processes and an excellent way to control all departments of schools, colleges or institutions.
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Web Based System
  • Developed in PHP
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Lots of Features
  • Add-on features
  • Easy to Customize
  • Highly Reliable
  • Support and Back-up

  • Browser based school ERP software
  • Single database for data integrity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Multi level password protection and inbuilt database backup
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Separate Interface & logins for staff, students & parents
  • RFID, Biometric, Barcode, Smart card integration available
  • Suitable on LAN as well as on WEB
  • Inter academic graphical performance survey of the students and staff
  • Paperless financial accounting
  • Appropriate financial planning and budget preparation
  • Complete automation of staff administration
  • Automatic fee management
  • Effortless generation of report card
  • Automatic generation of all certificates (TC, Provisional etc)
  • Simple Annual Confidential Report preparation
  • Provides library management system
  • Customizable statistical/graphical reports
  • Systematic departmental training
  • Well organized communication via e-mail, SMS and Cyber Campus to parents, students, teachers, and staff
  • Centralized reporting permitting a single point of administration system
  • Availability of constant data
  • Zero redundancy in dealing with the general records
  • Smooth and easeful instruction, Control and transmission
  • Better financial planning
  • 99.9% Paper less transactions
  • E-Homework solutions
  • Get smooth connection between teachers, seniors, and classmates
  • Good access to library Books and references
  • Students can see Task Calendar, Notices, News and Events
  • Bar code enabled Library-card for quick book issues and returns
  • Better stream of data in regards to institutes timetable, homework, assignments and notifications
  • Better transparency between Teachers and Management
  • Rapid access to all information (student wise, class wise)
  • SMS alerts and e-mail notifications for marks, fees, events, etc
  • Instant updates on latest school e-news, newsletters, image gallery, etc.
  • Sharing feedbacks and views with teachers and other parents through forums and articles
  • Completely automated attendance marking
  • Effortless evaluations and marks management system
  • Manage class data, explanatory reports
  • Publish online discussions and assignments
  • Question bank and question paper creation
  • Improved communication between Parents and Teachers
  • Less time consuming for office administrative work and better focus on academics

A set of 16 modules covering all the basic needs of a school institution are set for you. With the latest technology we are presenting a complete ERP solution which helps in building a sustainable and winning school.

Admission Management

This Module handles the whole admission procedure right from the beginning of admission tests to the allotment of each student to right class/section. It helps in managing enquiry forms, application forms, student registration, approval, etc.

  • Pre-admission scrutiny
  • Online application
  • Enrollment & fees payment
  • ID card issuance & Roll no. allotment
  • Login ID & Password generation
  • Report generation
Examination Management

The Examination Management module is an essential part of School ERP. It provides options like assigning school based evaluation system and can add optional subjects as required. And also provide solution for converting marks into grades according to board guidelines and generates progress report cards as per CCE standards.

  • Unlimited question bank -- class-wise, subject-wise, difficulty level-wise
  • Automated/manual question paper generator
  • Detailed question search
  • Exam scheduling
  • Test allocation
  • Scheduling Exams
Front Office Management

Front office management module is one which provides advancements and end to end solutions in the overall functioning of a school.

  • Communication between department/users
  • Student information
  • Appointment setting
  • Details of other vendor staff e.g. Transport/Canteen etc
  • Address book, telephone directory
  • Issue of various Certificates
  • Letter templates with printing and mailing facility
  • Dispatches/inward details
  • Vehicle Details
Library Management

This automates the library allowing it to manage departmental wise/class wise. Like a magic, library management system keeps a track of all library assets and manage the distribution and keeping of books.

  • Complete details of books availability
  • Library member card issuer
  • Generation of reports (Damage/Missing reports)
  • Issue collection
  • Accept/ renew issues
  • Circulation management alert
  • Fee/auto fine collection
  • Generate comprehensive reports
Hostel Management

This engages a real approach to set hostel rooms to students. It allows the school to customize the system by inserting room types, number of rooms, and their capacity. It also facilitates management of hostel activities and room allotment or room availability.

  • Hostel inmate management
  • Reservations
  • Allotment
  • Mess/inventory management
  • Availability
  • Room Transfer
  • Reports
Transport Management

Transport management provides an automated system for managing routes of each student travelling on school bus. It provides safe and timely transportation to students. Also SMS alert to parents are enabled which indicates changes or late arrival of school bus.

  • Route management
  • Fare setting / collection / report
  • Stage/Stop settings
  • Dual conveyance allocation -- class-wise and student-wise
  • Track student and student listing
  • Vehicle allocation
Fee Management

This module is designed to deal with various fee related activities.

  • Assign fee particulars commonly -- school-wise, class-wise, division-wise, etc.
  • Flexibility of assignment -- pupil-wise & facilities-wise
  • Penalty fee generation if any
  • Deductions/concessions class-wise/individual
  • Refundable fee management.
  • Advance fee remittance option
  • Item-wise hiding of receipts
  • Fee collection -- total summary/item-wise
  • Detailed reports
  • Fee e-alerts -- for dues/payments
  • Transportation fee payable
  • Multi-point access
Payroll Management
  • Salary setting
  • Basic pay, increment, deduction setting
  • Salary calculation, pay slip and salary certificate
  • Staff leave calculation and deduction
  • Over time calculation
  • Allowance and deduction (CCA, PF, HRA etc.)
  • Salary statement/ statement for bank
  • Pay slip generation
  • Customized report for management purpose.
Inventory Management
  • Item administration
  • Vendor supervision
  • Purchase and sales management
  • Acquisition and sales return
  • Purchase and sales register
  • Stock report and stock card etc
Attendance Management
  • Student attendance
  • Employee turnout
  • Easy attendance student
  • Staff leave application & approval
  • Staff day end process
  • Academic calendar
  • Exam module compatibility
  • Customized reports & graphical representations
  • Alerts
  • Generating Defaulter List
Medi-Care Management
  • Health registers student/staff
  • Diseases -- condition report (illness and hospitalization)
  • Treatment records
  • Quick entry of doctors orders available to parents
  • Health tips to parent
  • Comprehensive reports
Discipline Management
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Punctuality
  • Behavior
  • Problems reported by students
  • Teacher feedback
  • Malpractice
  • Actions taken
  • Medicine stock list and equipment detail
Time-Table Management
  • Auto generation of schedule from preset inputs
  • Manually amend and create timetables interactively
  • Track absentee instructors
  • E-alert and assign substitute teachers
  • In-depth classroom analysis
  • Report of teachers teaching a particular subject for a class
  • Report generation
  • Class-wise subject/teacher setting
  • Daily class activity recorder
  • Time Table verification
  • Reports
Financial Accounting Management
  • Vouchers
  • Trial Balance
  • Cash book
  • Bank book
  • Journal
  • Ledger
Performance Management
  • Scoring -- class-wise, subject-wise, student-wise
  • Score analysis -- class-wise, subject-wise for teacher/student
  • Exhaustive ranking based on subject
  • Confidential teacher performance analyzer
  • Student assessment analyzer
  • Grading/promotion
  • Online posting of exam schedule
  • Performance monitoring of ward online
  • E-alerts
People’s connect Module
  • School/staff/parent/student (split)
  • Integrate local and web databases
  • Parent/student/teacher login
  • Single/multiple student view
  • View events and academic calendar
  • Scrutinize attendance/ absent notification in message box
  • Exam result view/progress report
  • Graphical representation of mark analysis and comparisons
  • Observe teacher performances
  • Feedback forms
  • View performance report in sports, arts and other extracurricular activities
  • View Fee due- fee status details
  • View message in parent inbox (from class teacher, general info, transport, hostel)
  • Send email & SMS messages to teachers, hostel warden, etc
  • Role based security
  • Manual and automatic back up
  • Dynamic creation of custom reports
  • Unlimited emails
  • Facility to upload lesson plans/class notes/home work/daily report (student login)
  • Interface to manage web content and update website for system administrators
  • Cafeteria Management
  • Teacher portal
  • Parent portal
  • Student portal